About Me

I am 67 and I've been retired from teaching since Summer 2014. I have always enjoyed personal fitness but, since I retired I have become passionate about improving the health and fitness of others as well. 

Qualified at level 2 (gym trainer) and then level 3 (personal trainer), I focus on developing programmes for functional fitnessand mobility, to support weight loss and that most popular of goals - improving body tone and shape. My programmes can be adapted for the gym, working out at home or in the great outdoors and are designed to progress with you as your personal fitness develops.

                                                  Having a target is a great way to boost your fitness and achieving it is a fabulous way to boost your self-esteem.

My own targets:

  • The Main One: To sustain an active lifestyle and keep as well as I can for as long as I can.
  • To be able to get up into and hold a handstand when I'm 80!
  • Take part in at least one event every year: 5K Race for Life, 5K Pretty Muddy, obstacle course runs such as Born Survivor and Rough Runner!
  • Build core and body strength to be able to achieve challenging callisthenics moves such as Human Flag and Back lever.

Such events and targets require focussed training to get my body - and mind- into shape. I have found I can do things I never thought I could - like climb over an 8ft. log wall AND get down the other side. I've swum through freezing cold water, challenged my fear of heights - I feel proud of myself because of what I've achieved and the personal 'walls' I've overcome - some seriously challenging obstacles, helped along by the team camaraderie. More achievement and self esteem by the bucket-load.

Alongside all this is my own journey in body transformation, from slightly flabby, aging woman to a leaner, fitter, stronger and younger looking version. My targets tend to change as I go along my journey and sometimes I like to give myself very short term goals to overcome the various 'life glitches' that we all come across from time to time. So, sometimes it could be something as specific as 'drink 2 litres of water day', or 'go to bed by 9.30 each night'. My overall goal is to increase my fitness and strength levels - which often includes a performance goal such as achieving a certain number of push-ups - and to maintain at least my current levels of mobility. I aim to be the fittest, most amazing 90 year old in the neighbourhood.


I'm always looking for exciting new ways to spice up my training. Keeping it fresh sustains my motivation and enjoyment. My latest find is a compnay called GMB Fitness. They are all about movement and flexibility - a big component of aging fitness - and I actually subscibed to a couple of their training methods! Yes, it cost me a few bob, but I was so excited by what I had found that I had to be a part of it. I've taken up their Elements programme to start with! Its brilliant, though I think people at the gym look at me a bit sideways as I crawl around doing my Froggers, Bear and Monkey movements! Hopefully I'm inspiring some of them to try something new and different too! Just look at GMBfitness and make up your own mind!! 

Things I can do now, that I once couldn't - I can hold a basic Crow pose (balance) for up to 30 seconds; turn and hang upside down on the gym rings, 'Skin the Cat' (turn through the rings to hang on the other side) then unfold in a very slow and controlled way from pike to L sit; and I've increased my press-up endurance to 20 in one set! I'm still working on the controlled handstand, but its going to happen this year!! I'm determined!

My journey is ongoing and I'd like to carry along as many people as I can who would like to do likewise.

Are you ready to join me?

Important P.S -

I had some lapses in my training on the way. Everybody has them. The important thing is that you just get yourself back in the groove and continue as if nothing happened. Don't waste time or motivation beating yourself up!! Life gets in the way sometimes - you just work round it!