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With the reduction of COVID-19 restrictions, the 'Classic Transformers' ladies' training sessions have resumed at our lovely studio gym. 

So please take a look at this page and see if this style of training is for you!  

UNIT G10, Preston Technology Centre, Preston PR1 8UQ

Are you looking for a user-friendly way to get your fitness back?

Are you a little older than the average 'gym bunny' or just really unfit but don't feel confident enough to walk into a regular gym?

Do you have time during the day, a couple of days a week?

For women of a 'certain age', focussing on a range of aspects to improve our ongoing health - strength, balance, co-ordination, range of movement, core and cardio fitness and mental wellbeing.

Session Times:

Current session times: 

Tuesday and Thursdays - 1.30pm - 2.30pm 

Wednesday - 10.30am - 11.30am   Friday - 9.30am - 10.30am


Personal Training in a group setting

With our circuit-style training, including modifications appropriate for ALL users, you would be coached according to your needs and previous exercise experience. You can benefit from a friendly, encouraging atmosphere while exercising at your own pace and intensity. 

Small group numbers ensure maximum benefits and attention to detail. The progress made by existing participants has been exiciting and inspirational to watch. With the right approach and support, ladies have discovered a range of movement, strength and ability that they didn't initially believe would be possible for them.

This could be you if you give us a try!

Free trial on application - see below for details.

Monthly memberships for 1 session per week, 2 sessions per week and Over 70's - YES, there are a couple!!

1 Month's trial package also available.

See 'Cost of Services' page....

Social and mental health and wellbeing

As well as the obvious benefits of regular exercise - increased physical fitness, improved mental heath, weight loss, improved bone density, posture and balance - exercising within a regular group setting offers the opportunity to increase your social circle, make friendships and take part in social activities away from the gym.

Once a month, we take part in a pub quiz at a local pub  The Hunters Pub an Lostock hall as well as having group outings and events such as taking part in last year's Pretty Muddy run in Blackpool to raise money for Cancer Research. We are planning events for this year such as Curling at The Flower Bowl, Barton Grange; another Pretty Muddy event (now that the ladies have discovered its NOT an impossible achievement) and group walks in the country.

Some of our members have found this community aspect particularly beneficial in helping to cope with individual challenges at home and away from the group.

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